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Kariong Community Baptist Church (KCBC) is a small church located on the beautiful New South Wales Central Coast, with around fifty active members. It was planted by members from Gosford Baptist Church in 1986 and there are still some founding members highly involved at KCBC today. The majority of members have been attending KCBC for over fifteen years.
KCBC’s founding pastor retired after 25 years of service. After a subsequent transitional period, our next full-time pastor commenced his service in 2014. He resigned and left KCBC in 2018. An interim pastor has been serving our church since the start of 2019.

The size of KCBC’s diaconate has varied over the years from three to five. Currently, five deacons serve the church. Our church has a secretary and two treasurers. We are in the process of employing the leader of our youth ministry in a paid part-time capacity.

Along with our members and their children, around twenty people in our community are not members of KCBC but have been regularly attending and serving our church for several years. Approximately 50% of members and other regular congregants live in Kariong, 25% live or grew up in Somersby and the Mountains, and 25% live in other areas around the Central Coast.
KCBC are primarily middle-aged, with teenage or young adult children, who have supported one another as their children grew up within the church family. However, we benefit from a number of older members and some families with younger children. Some of our young adult members grew up within our church.

Sunday morning services have been conducted at Kariong Public School for the past 23 years. The main service is held in the school hall. Our children’s programmes (see Ministries below) are held in two classrooms as well as making use of the main outdoor area. KCBC does own a house on a block of land that is in the process of being subdivided (see Property Ministry below). The house is too small to use for church services but is used by some of our ministries during the week.
Our services officially start at 9.30 am and typically run for around ninety minutes. They comprise praise and worship, prayer, announcements, offering, sermon (with simultaneous children’s programmes) and fellowship. We have communion on the first Sunday of every month. Sometimes there will be a video presentation relevant to the sermon. Recently we have had a congregant read a Bible passage relevant to the sermon. A roster of volunteers set up the hall before each service and pack up afterwards. We also have a roster of people who welcome members and visitors to our church services.

As the body of Christ we believe in the work of Jesus’ authority in the spiritual realm and have a relaxed style that is committed to loving, caring and supporting each other with a deep commitment to love and serve God.
The church has various ministries supported by a small number of members who are dedicated to spreading the good news to the wider community. These include:
• Friends group – provides friendship and support for older members, however anyone is welcome to attend their regular outings which are a good outreach in the wider community.
• Scripture – a member teaches Scripture in local schools.
• Small groups – a number of small groups meet weekly at members’ houses for Bible study, spiritual growth and fellowship.
• Prayer groups – a number of small groups meet weekly at the church house and the school for prayer. Some members also meet for prayer annually at sunrise on New Year’s Day in the Mount Penang parklands.
• Prayer ministry – a dedicated and effective team of church members has helped many people inside and outside the church over the years.
• Creche and Joeys (pre-schoolers’ programme) – run together during Sunday morning sermon.
• JAM (Jesus and Me) – Sunday school programme for Kinder-Year 6 aged children, faithfully run by various church members since KCBC commenced. Currently held on an as-needed basis due to few K-6 aged children regularly attending.
• Waves – Saturday night youth programme for high school children from in and out of the church. Run fortnightly.
• Sunday morning youth – high school-aged children’s ministry.
• Mission support – we support one of our own young church families who work with GIA in Mozambique, and missionary families in outback Australia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and the Silk Road.
• Worship/Sound ministry – we currently have available a band of one singer and two musicians who lead songs mostly obtained from the CCLI website. Due to these low numbers, much of our worship comprises presentations of song-and-lyric .mp4 files obtained from iSing and Worship Lyric Videos. These presentations are accompanied by on-stage singers in groups of two to six. Three members are currently rostered to set up and operate the audio-visual equipment for the church services.
• Property ministry – we are subdividing our land ready to sell to enable the building of a church elsewhere in Kariong. At the time of writing, this process is at the construction certificate stage.
• Women of Faith – for women of the church and their friends.
• Shelter care packages – collections of toiletries to donate to the local women’s shelter.
• Operation Christmas Child – yearly collection of gifts for Samaritan’s Purse.
• Gingerbread houses – yearly outreach afternoon of gingerbread house building and decoration, held in December. Typically attracts 100 or so people from the community.
• Carols – yearly outreach service including band-led carols, a nativity scene with live farm animals, and other attractions. Usually held at the public school, this event regularly attracts large numbers. Last year over 700 people attended.
KCBC has run a number of ministries in the past that are no longer active but for which there is still a need in our community and may potentially be re-started. These include:
• Kariong Community Care – provided practical help to those in need including meals, mowing of lawns, transport etc
• Chaplaincy – was provided by KCBC youth pastor and wife within Kariong Mountains High School
• Playtime – for parents and preschoolers during the week
• Blokes’ Business – fellowship for the men of the church.
KCBC provides many ministries. However due to church numbers there are limited people available to support them. The church does what it can with limited resources. God has been gracious over the years allowing these ministries to continue through the faithful service of its members.

A core values audit identified that the following values were the basic foundational principles to the life of our church:

1. Bible-centred preaching and teaching

2. People matter to God

3. Godly servant leadership

4. Strong families and intercessory prayer

5. Fellowship and community

6. Missions and Youth

Our identity at KCBC is to be a Lighthouse to the community of Kariong, boldly demonstrating God’s light and love to all in the area.